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Christmas party

Are you planning a fantastic Christmas party with all the trimmings? We can help you with that, so all you have to do is enjoy yourselves. Our vendors can assist you with everything from food and drinks to waiting staff and entertainment.

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Christmas party or Christmas lunch?

A Christmas lunch is not just a festive occasion to eat, drink, and have fun with colleagues; it is also an excellent opportunity to bond with employees and thank them for a great year. And as the holiday season approaches, what could be sweeter than delicious Christmas food? Whether you want to transform your office lunch into a Christmas menu or need catering and a Christmas menu for this year's Christmas party, our vendors can provide a non-binding offer tailored to your taste buds and needs.

If you also need help with serving and cleaning up, request an offer for event staff. This way, you can avoid worrying about the practicalities and focus on having a cozy Christmas lunch instead.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I plan a Christmas party for my company?

You can start by considering the date, time, and location. Then decide on the number of guests, menu, catering, and entertainment. It's also a good idea to send out an invitation well in advance, so your colleagues can plan their time and RSVP.

What do people eat at a Christmas party?

A typical Christmas party menu includes various types of cold cuts, herring, fish fillet, meatballs, roast pork, Christmas sausage, red cabbage, and potatoes. Additionally, risalamande (rice pudding with almonds and cherry sauce) can be served for dessert. Our vendors can provide menus based on your preferences and needs; you only need to describe your wishes when requesting a quote. If you want something other than traditional Christmas food, they can accommodate that as well and offer vegetarian or vegan dishes in the menu.

How do I choose the right catering for my Christmas party?

When selecting catering for a company Christmas party, consider the number of guests, their preferences, and dietary restrictions. If you don't know whether your colleagues have allergies or dietary preferences that need to be accommodated, it's a great idea to ask everyone when sending out the invitation and inquire if there are any special considerations. Then, simply inform the vendor, and they will adjust the menu accordingly, providing dishes that everyone can eat.

How do I find waiting staff for my Christmas party?

If you request a quote for a Christmas party through Officeguru, many of our vendors can also provide waiting staff - or you can find our "Event Staff" service to ensure staff can handle serving and cleaning up.

What can you do at a company Christmas party?

There are many options for what to do at a company Christmas party, typically depending on the company's preferences and budget. Some companies choose to hold the Christmas party at a restaurant or rent a party venue, while others opt to organize the Christmas lunch at the workplace. In this case, it's a good idea to hire a catering company, so you don't have to handle anything yourself. A Christmas lunch is also an excellent way to bond employees across departments, so it's always good to include festive elements that foster teamwork, such as musical performances, Christmas quizzes, or other fun activities.

What kind of entertainment can I have at my Christmas party?

It can always be challenging to come up with entertainment for the annual Christmas party. Our vendors can help with inspiration and handle the planning of the entire party if needed.

Examples of entertainment can range from musical performances to fun activities, such as Christmas quizzes, karaoke, or Christmas photo booths. You can also consider hiring a DJ or a band to play music at the party. Whatever your needs and desires are, we have vendors that can take care of everything. You can also find inspiration for entertainment in our blog post "Guide to this year's Christmas party"

How can I make sure my Christmas party is a success?

You can start by planning well in advance and involving your colleagues in decisions about the menu, entertainment, and timing. It's also a good idea to have a backup plan in case of unexpected issues. Last but not least, ensure a great atmosphere and make sure everyone is having fun!

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Reviews of christmas party

Really delicious food :) It's so lovely, thanks to The Catering Kitchen.

Delivered by Lunch Shop

Delicious food and in ample amounts. There's something for every taste, everyone is full and satisfied. And there are even alternative solutions for the picky colleagues. Kragerup is attentive and a really good sparring partner when it comes to alternatives that everyone is happy with.

Delivered by Kragerup & Ko ApS

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