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The first impression always counts, and being greeted by beautiful decorations first thing will always give employees and guests a good initial impression. Our vendors deliver the finest decorations for any occasion and season and in many different sizes and expressions.

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Creative decorations for the office

If you're missing a little extra beauty to look at in everyday office life, in the reception, lunchroom, or lounge area, our vendors can create decorations for your needs, style, and taste. Unlike flower bouquets, flower decorations will last longer and be a delight for the eye as our vendors follow current trends and colors, and tailor solutions that fit your needs and premises.

With beautiful and colorful decorations for your reception, lounge areas, or meeting rooms, you always make a first impression on guests. Our vendors have a wide selection of flowers and many years of experience creating beautiful arrangements, and you can get both fresh decorations or paper flowers and everlasting bouquets delivered. If you want a regular delivery every week, every other week, or monthly, you can also get a subscription solution so the decorations are changed regularly and follow the season's colors and trends.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are decorations important for businesses?

Decorations are both pleasing to look at, and they also help to create an inviting appearance in your business. It makes a good first impression when employees and guests first see something beautiful and green in your reception, lounge area, or meeting room. In addition, it's proven that flowers and plants can improve employee well-being and productivity because we simply benefit from being surrounded by something green.

Can the decorations be customized to my business?

Yes, our vendors can certainly customize decorations for both occasion, season, premises, and according to your wishes. They offer tailor-made solutions that fit the unique needs and style of your business. This can include customized colors, materials, patterns, and logos - as well as your wishes for which flowers and greenery should be in the decoration.

How long do decorations last?

It entirely depends on the flowers and plants used in the decoration. A decoration will therefore be able to last from a few weeks to a few months. However, it's worth knowing that a decoration lasts longer than, for example, flowers, as a decoration either has soil or oasis as a base, and therefore both flowers and plants will last longer. If you want an even more durable solution, the decoration can also be made with, for example, everlasting flowers or silk flowers.

Can I get decoration as a subscription solution?

Yes, you can certainly get decorations as a subscription solution, so decorations are delivered and replaced every few weeks. Just ask the vendor about this option when you make an inquiry.

What is the price for decorations for businesses?

The price for decorations varies depending on the type, quality, quantity, and vendor. With Officeguru, you can request quotes from several vendors, and then it's easy for you to compare prices and offers. After that, you just have to choose the one that fits your budget and needs.

How are the decorations maintained?

The maintenance of the decorations depends on the material and type of decoration. As decorations last longer than flower bouquets, they will also quickly collect more dust over time. In general, decorations should be kept clean and free from dust and dirt, and in some cases, they also need to be watered if there is soil and roots. All of this our vendors can guide you on, so the decoration lasts as long as possible.

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