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Snow removal

You can never know when the snow will fall, so it's a good idea to be prepared. We have gathered the best vendors, so you can quickly and easily get a fixed agreement for snow removal and salting. This way, you can be sure that employees and guests can safely get to and from the office when it snows.

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Make an agreement before the snow falls

You can't wait forever to remove the snow once it has fallen. There may be rules to follow if your company owns a property, and you may also have a duty to ensure that your employees can safely move around on nearby sidewalks, paths, and parking lots.

As soon as the snow falls, you must quickly clear snow and salt on sidewalks, roads, and paths around the property. Even when the snow has fallen in the middle of the night, it is required that it is cleared early in the morning, and you probably don't want to be ready with a snow shovel yourself? With a fixed agreement for professional snow removal, you can be sure that there will always be cleared and salted when the snow falls.

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Frequently asked questions

When should snow be cleared?

Snow should be cleared as soon as possible to ensure safe access to roads, paths, driveways, and other areas covered by snow. If the snow has fallen at night, it should be cleared before the start of the workday. Snow typically needs to be cleared between 7 am and 10 pm.

Who performs snow removal?

Snow removal is typically performed by our professional vendors, who specialize in snow removal. In some cases, it may also be part of your property maintenance service, providing you with a comprehensive solution that ensures all areas around your property are cleared and neat all year round.

Is there legislation on snow removal?

Yes, there is legislation on snow removal in many countries and municipalities. In some areas, property owners or businesses are required to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk outside their property within a certain timeframe after snowfall. There may be fines or penalties for failing to comply with these rules.

What is the cost of snow removal?

The costs of snow removal vary depending on factors such as the extent of snow removal, weather conditions, and the size of the area. Our vendors provide a total price when you request a quote.

What equipment is used for snow removal?

Snow removal can be carried out using various methods, including mechanical and manual removal. Equipment used for snow removal may include snowplows, snow shovels, sweepers, salt spreaders, and tractors, as well as shovels and brooms.

When and why should salt be used in snow removal?

Salting is typically used after snow removal to melt ice and snow remaining on the surface. This makes the surface less slippery and prevents further accumulation of snow and ice. Salting is usually used at temperatures around or below freezing.

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