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With Officeguru you can find, book, manage, and pay for the best local vendors.

Graphic illustration of a person out shopping while using the Officeguru chat app on their phone to select the service 'Office plants' placed between 'Catered lunch' and 'Handyman'

1. Find everything for the office

  • Discover a universe of possibilities with over 60 services and a wide range of products.

  • Choose a service or buy products directly to meet your needs.

  • Compare vendors, their prices and options for both services and products without the hassle.

Graphic illustration of a man selecting the supplier 'Green living' among the other suppliers 'Plant Planet' and 'Officegreen'

2. Choose a vendor

  • Read more about the vendors, their reviews, and services.

  • Choose the vendors you want non-binding offers from.

  • Receive your offers and compare prices and offerings.

Graphic illustration of a woman crossing out a task on her to-do list and indicating that she would hire the same provider again

3. Check off your to-do-list

  • Approve the offer and enjoy that the task is completed.

  • Manage the task on Officeguru's platform and free chat app.

  • Share your experience by giving reviews.

Emrije Neziri

Office Manager at GreenMobility

At GreenMobility, we use Officeguru to find suppliers for everything from lunch, cleaning to window cleaning. It's great that the platform offers such a large selection of different companies in one place; you always find what you are looking for help with.

Before I knew about Officeguru, I searched on Google for what I needed. Officeguru has definitely outcompeted Google in that aspect.

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