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Window polishing

Even the cleanest office looks unkempt if glass walls and windows are unpolished. Luckily it’s easily fixed. Have you spotted too many smudges and fingerprints on your windows? We have collected the best window polishers right here.

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Do you also want sparkling clean windows?

Having regularly polished windows can improve satisfaction in the workplace. It’s also proven that employees that are exposed to daylight perform better. Window polishing can thus make a big difference by keeping the office light and inviting, so employees can enjoy the benefits of the daylight.

Our providers have all the necessary equipment to guarantee you clean windows, and deliver high quality window polishing of both interior and exterior windows. They polish both high and low, and remove everything from dust to grease stains.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does window cleaning cost?

The price of window cleaning depends on the number of windows as well as the type and size of the windows. There are also other factors that can come into play, such as which floor the windows are on, and whether windows need to be cleaned both inside and outside. Our vendors take all of this into account when they put together an offer for you.

How is window cleaning done?

Our vendors can offer window cleaning as a fixed agreement, as a subscription agreement, or as a one-time agreement.

Do you offer window cleaning at all heights?

Yes. Our vendors can handle window cleaning at all heights, so no matter which floor your business is located on, they can remove dirt and pollution from your windows.

Do you offer both indoor and outdoor window cleaning?

Yes. Our vendors can handle both indoor and outdoor window cleaning.

Do you offer eco-friendly window cleaning?

Our vendors can certainly offer eco-friendly window cleaning with soap that is Swan Ecolabelled. If you have any requests or questions about this, just write it when you submit an inquiry.

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Reviews of window polishing

We are very satisfied with the work performed by the employee who does our window polishing! We'd be very pleased if he could be the permanent one to handle the task :)

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