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Lunch catering

Lunch is something everyone looks forward to at any workplace. At least, that's how it should be. But it requires that the lunch is really good. We help you find the provider that will make you look forward to the clock striking 12 every day.

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Lunch arrangements that create smiles

At Officeguru, you can request offers for a delicious lunch arrangement that meets everyone's needs. Even if you have colleagues who are vegans, vegetarians, don't eat pork, or can't tolerate certain ingredients, you can find the perfect lunch arrangement. Whatever your price range is, Officeguru's kitchens ensure that you get a good, healthy, and varied lunch.

In addition to a delicious lunch arrangement, you also get access to our lunch module and app. Here, you and your colleagues can go in and make your lunch order and sign up or off for lunch if you work from home, are sick, or are away at a meeting – and you can also order extra servings if you have guests. Our lunch module is, in short, your guarantee for Denmark's most flexible lunch arrangement, and we promise that the flexibility can be both seen and felt in your food waste and financials.

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Lunch Time
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Smag Godt ApS
KAMPAGNE: 20% rabat på de første 3 månederFrokostLunchMadSundtNærendeVarieret
MK Madkunst
Kragerup & Ko ApS
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AlmindeligVeganskVegetarGlutenfriLaktosefriUden svinekød
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AlmindeligVeganskVegetarLaktosefriGlutenfriUden svinekødPortionsanrettet
König Gourmet ApS
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Frokost Kompagniet
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Vegetarveganskgluten- og laktosefri
Simply Cooking
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KAMPAGNE: Nye kunder får mulighed for at vælge kage til hele kontoret på 2 valgfrie dageeller vælge at få Grøntsagsstave med dip med hver dag de første 2 ugerGlutenfriHalalLaktosefriUden svinekødVeganskVegetarisk Aps
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Godt&Grøn Catering
The Catering Kitchen
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AlmindeligGlutenfriHalalLaktosefriPortionsanrettetUden svinekødVeganskVegetar
Lunch & Other Stories
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Den Rullende Frokost
New on Officeguru
Nordic Food Service
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Frequently asked questions

How does a lunch arrangement with Officeguru work?

With Officeguru, you get Denmark's most flexible lunch arrangement. You can freely choose from our kitchens, which can put together a lunch arrangement and menu that suits your specific needs, whether it's about ordinary, organic, vegan, meat-free, hot, or cold dishes. At Officeguru, you will only find quality-approved and local lunch vendors. Our kitchens are continually reviewed by users on Officeguru, so here you are guaranteed to avoid uneven quality, regardless of your budget. All you have to do is describe your needs, and our vendors will get back to you with an offer.

Can you change the lunch arrangement on Officeguru?

Yes. If you have lunch through Officeguru, you can have a dialogue with your current kitchen and change the menu composition, etc. You can also easily switch between different kitchens. Officeguru's common terms ensure that you can change the kitchen for free with the shortest notice in the market, which is the current week + 7 days.

Where can I get lunch delivered?

Officeguru currently delivers lunch in:

  • Lunch in Østerbro

  • Lunch in Vesterbro

  • Lunch in Nørrebro

  • Lunch in Frederiksberg

  • Lunch in Rødovre

  • Lunch in Nordsjælland

  • Lunch in Ishøj

  • Lunch in Glostrup

  • Lunch in Brøndby

  • Lunch in Gentofte

  • Lunch in Herlev

  • Lunch in Copenhagen

How does the cancellation of a lunch arrangement work?

It's easy and free to switch between different kitchens. With Officeguru's common terms, you can change the kitchen with the shortest notice in the market, which is the current week + 7 days. If you want to completely cancel the lunch arrangement through Officeguru, the agreement can be terminated with 1 month's notice to the last day of the month. Whether you want to change or cancel the agreement, it is done digitally on Officeguru - easy and convenient.

How much does a lunch arrangement cost?

The price of a lunch arrangement varies depending on how many dishes and salads you want for lunch. A lunch arrangement will typically cost between 50 to 65 DKK per serving. At Officeguru, we collaborate with Denmark's best lunch kitchens and flexibility is paramount - including when it comes to the price. Therefore, all kitchens can also put together a menu for you that suits your price level. Adding or removing more salads, cold cuts, cheese, etc., will all have an impact on the total price. So, if the office can live without multiple different salads or cold cuts every day, you can still get a top-notch lunch at a good price. To the serving price, a daily delivery cost between 99 and 149 DKK should always be added. This depends on the kitchen and location. Feel free to ask us for advice. We know all the kitchens thoroughly and can always guide you to a good solution.

What are the tax rules for lunch arrangements?

The rules regarding lunch arrangements and taxes have changed a lot over time, and therefore many people – rightly – may be unsure about the rules that apply. We understand that, and that's why we have gathered the rules in this article: What are the rules regarding taxes?

Where can you find an affordable lunch arrangement?

You can get a cheaper lunch solution by:

  • Removing salads or opt for simple salads (e.g., raw vegetables) instead of complex salads containing many – and often more expensive – ingredients.

  • Removing cold cuts, as it is a relatively expensive ingredient.

Talk to us about your desired price level. Then we can guide you to which kitchens we recommend you try.

Is it possible to get a lunch arrangement for small businesses?

Yes. It is possible to get a lunch arrangement for businesses with as few as 5 employees, although it may be more cost-effective for the lunch arrangement when the company has over 10 employees. This is because the price becomes slightly higher if you are under 10 servings.

In addition, the delivery of lunch typically costs between 99 and 149 DKK per day, regardless of how many servings you get. As mentioned, it is possible to have a lunch arrangement if you are a smaller business, but it has an impact on the total price. Talk to us about your needs. We can always find a good solution for your office.

How does Officeguru ensure a good lunch?

We love a good lunch ourselves and know how much commotion it creates in the office when the lunch does not meet expectations.

  1. All kitchens have gone through a selection process. Our goal is not to have all lunch kitchens as vendors on Officeguru. We only want an appropriate selection of those who take variation, taste, and quality seriously.

  2. We have a wide range of good kitchens and flexibility, where you have the opportunity to switch between kitchens if you need a change.

  3. Feedback and stars that you and your employees give to the daily lunch in the Officeguru lunch app are taken seriously.

We make a living by delivering and facilitating quality - all the way around. Whether it's lunch, coffee solution, plant service, or cleaning, you should be able to trust the quality through Officeguru. 

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Reviews of lunch catering

Delivery as agreed and on time every day. Good quality and great tasting food.

Delivered by Frokost Kompagniet

All employees are very happy with the food and express this. It's a great joy going to lunch.

Delivered by Simply Cooking

Rasmus is an excellent chef. He always responds on time and his meals are delicious and tasty.
I would highly recommend Lunch & Other Stories. Thursdays are the best, since his cakes are amazing.

Delivered by Lunch & Other Stories

Why Officeguru is right for you

High quality and fair prices

You can easily get offers and compare prices. All vendors strive towards a 5-star rating, ensuring the best quality for you.

Save time on administration

All communication is collected in a shared inbox, where you and your colleagues can coordinate and keep an overview of all agreements.

High customer satisfaction

All our vendors share one set of terms and no matter if you have one or multiple services, you get one collected invoice from Officeguru.