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Research has shown a direct link between a tidy and clean office and an improved level of productivity among employees. So, isn't it time to get office cleaning you can rely on? Get an offer from our quality approved cleaning companies today and they will create a cleaning plan adapted to your needs.

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Life is too short for dirty offices

A busy working life can mean things get missed or overlooked, but office cleaning cannot be one of those things. Dust is not just what you can see with the naked eye - dirty surfaces like desks can collect a lot of bacteria. In a workplace, the desk is especially dirty and can contain an average of more than 3,000 different bacteria and viruses. Just think about how quickly they can spread throughout the entire office.

A clean office has a huge impact on your employees. it has an effect on hygiene levels, and it also has an effect on productivity. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between a tidy and clean office and increased productivity among employees. If the cleaning is top-notch, it can help reduce the number of sick employees and mantain a bacteria-free, healthy, and productive work environment. We have gathered the best cleaning companies so that you can come to a clean office every day.

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Frequently asked questions

How does office cleaning work through Officeguru?

Officeguru is a marketplace, where you can easily book and manage your cleaning agreement. It is free and non-binding to create an account and get offers on Officeguru. We have gathered the best cleaning companies, so if you are in need of a cleaning company for cleaning your office, it’s easy to get an offer for cleaning of your company or office. Officeguru collects all the communication with your vendor to make communicating with your cleaning company simple through our digital platform and Officeguru chat app. 

Can you switch cleaning company on the platform?

It is easy and free of charge to switch between the platform’s different cleaning vendors. Officeguru’s shared terms and conditions ensure that you can change cleaning companies with just a running month plus three month notice. You can easily choose between the different cleaning companies at Officeguru, saving time from searching for a new vendor if you would like to switch. 

In which cities does Officeguru offer office cleaning?

Officeguru offers commercial cleaning of offices and companies in the following cities and regions:

  • Østerbro 

  • Vanløse 

  • Valby 

  • Søborg 

  • Rødovre

  • Nordsjælland

  • Lyngby

  • Kastrup

  • Ishøj

  • Hvidovre

  • Herlev

  • Glostrup

  • Gentofte

  • Frederiksberg

  • Brøndby

  • København

  • Amager

You can see which zip codes each cleaning company operates in on their profile.

How does cancellation of a cleaning agreement work?

If you wish to cancel or change your cleaning agreement, you just need to send it in writing on the Officeguru platform. If you wish to switch cleaning companies, you simply cancel your current cleaning agreement and collect an offer through the Officeguru marketplace. If you are in doubt, just ask Officeguru for help - we can always help you find a cleaning company that fits your needs. 

How much does office cleaning cost?

There are a number of factors taken into consideration when creating the optimal cleaning plan. A cleaning consultant usually only needs a 30-minute walkthrough of the office to give you a plan and price to use as a baseline for discussion. 

Officeguru is always here to advise. We know the cleaning companies well and can guide you in finding the best solution.

How can I get cleaning cheap?

Price and quality usually go hand-in-hand, when you are choosing a cleaning vendor. That does not mean the most expensive solution is the best - it all depends on your needs. If you think you are paying too much for your current cleaning solution, Officeguru can help review your current cleaning plan free-of-charge. This can give great insights into what optimisations or savings can be made. 

In general, you can lower your cleaning costs by:

  • Go through your needs in-depth. You can often save a few hours per month

  • Convince other companies in your building to use the same vendor as you

Do you offer cleaning for small offices?

Officeguru cooperates with cleaning companies that can clean companies of all shapes and sizes, so also cleaning companies that specialise in cleaning for smaller offices. 

Talk to us about your needs, we can always find a good solution for your office.

How does Officeguru ensure high quality cleaning?
  1. All the cleaning companies that Officeguru cooperates with have been through a selection process. We do not wish to cooperate with all cleaning companies, we only want to cooperate with cleaning vendors that can prove their value through e.g. customer reviews. All cleaning companies at Officeguru are quality approved by us. 

  2. To ensure quality it is essential to be flexible, digital and available. All the cleaning vendors at Officeguru know that customer service is important and you can communicate with them easily through the platform and chat app.

  3. Feedback and ratings provided through the platform by you and other Officeguru users are valued and taken seriously by Officeguru. 

  4. We live for delivering and facilitating quality all around. Regardless if it is plant service, lunch, coffee service or cleaning you can trust the quality through Officeguru, 

  5. We have over 30 years of experience in office cleaning. With a cleaning agreement through Officeguru you also gain access to guidance from our product specialists and Customer Success team, always ready to help you.

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Reviews of office cleaning

I am very satisfied with the work that these kind people do. Everything is always neat and tidy when we arrive.

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Always punctual and proper cleaning. Also regarding special needs (e.g., cleaning the refrigerator before a vacation), it works fine with a post-it note on the refrigerator door, and voila - the refrigerator is cleaned. We are very satisfied.

Delivered by REXKYOO ApS

Like a Golgate smile ;-)

Delivered by serviceU

Why Officeguru is right for you

High quality and fair prices

You can easily get offers and compare prices. All vendors strive towards a 5-star rating, ensuring the best quality for you.

Save time on administration

All communication is collected in a shared inbox, where you and your colleagues can coordinate and keep an overview of all agreements.

High customer satisfaction

All our vendors share one set of terms and no matter if you have one or multiple services, you get one collected invoice from Officeguru.