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There are days when you just need a handyman - often with quite short notice. If you need a handyman with the qualifications and tools in order, you can find it at Officeguru. Here, you can book a handyman for the hours you need, when you need it.

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A handyman on short notice

There are days when you just need a handyman - often with quite short notice. If you don’t have someone who can come by with short notice and hang pictures or shelves, put a desk or bookcase together or something else entirely, fear not. Through Officeguru you can book a handyman for the hours you need, when you need it.

Our providers can handle anything from putting a TV, whiteboard or shelf on the wall to switching light bulbs and fixtures. Or anything else you might need. It’s not just having the tools that is necessary, when hanging things in the office. You need someone who knows what they are doing; what kind of walls you have and what equipment you need. You can trust that our handymen have the skills to solve your problem.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a handyman do?

A handyman (or woman) is a professional jack-of-all-trades who can perform various repair tasks, maintenance tasks, carpentry tasks, and assembly tasks.

What tasks can a handyman complete?

A handyman can handle almost all small and large tasks for businesses and offices. On Officeguru, you simply need to describe the task you need to be completed, and you will receive a free, no-obligation quote from a handyman.

Our vendors can help with, among other things:

  • Hanging and taking down, e.g., whiteboards, pictures, or shelves

  • Assembling and mounting furniture and fixtures

  • Hanging and technical installation of, e.g., TVs

  • Various electrical work, such as hanging lamps

  • Installing partition walls or soundproofing

  • Moving assistance for everything that needs to be disassembled, assembled, and hung up again

  • Light plumbing tasks

What does a handyman cost?

A handyman can easily be booked on an hourly basis for small tasks, and for larger tasks, they can provide a total price. You just need to briefly describe the task when you send an inquiry, and our vendors will take everything into account when they send you an offer.

Can a handyman help with a move?

Yes, our vendors can definitely help with a move. When you move to new premises, there will always be many things that need to be organized, disassembled, and taken down. A handyman can help you with all of this and ensure that everything is mounted and hung up again so that you quickly settle into the new place.

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Reviews of handyman

Milan is SUPER efficient and thorough! We are VERY satisfied with his work.

Delivered by serviceU

A couple of efficient handymen who live up to the task. It's quickly resolved and turns out beautifully. At the same time, they clean up after themselves and take the cardboard out. They are highly recommended.

Delivered by Vigerslev Ejendomsservice København

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