Officeguru lunch app

iPhone screen showing lunch selection in the Officeguru lunch app
Full control

Maximize efficiency and allow employees to manage their lunch orders

With Officeguru, everyone in the office has control over their lunch order. Save valuable time on administration and let your colleagues tailor their meals according to their preferences and work schedule. That's a win-win for everyone.

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Lower your food waste with up to 80%

Food waste costs - both the environment and your expenses. With the Officeguru Lunch app, employees can manage their lunch orders day-to-day, which minimizes food waste and ensures that the food ends up in their stomachs, not the trash bin.
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Greater flexibility for the hybrid workplace

With Officeguru, you get flexible lunch catering that fits the hybrid office. Our free lunch app allows you to add guests and employees to cancel their lunch orders when they work from home, have sick days, vacations, etc. It's simple, convenient, and flexible to your needs.
iPhone screen showing the lunch menu in the Officeguru lunch app
Menu of the week

What's for lunch? See the menu in the app

Want to know what's on the menu today, tomorrow, and for the rest of the week? With our Lunch App, you can see the menu no matter where you are, and if you have special dietary preferences or allergies, you can choose and order with a single click.

Download for iOS (iPhone)

At Officeguru, we love a good lunch, and we know how much commotion it can cause in the office if lunch doesn't meet expectations. Download our free lunch app and ensure that your colleagues can manage their lunch orders themselves.

Download for Android

When you place your lunch order in the Officeguru Lunch app, the information goes directly to your vendor. This way, you are sure to get exactly the lunch you want, taking into account everything from allergies to daily preferences.

A complete overview of all lunch orders and expenses

With our lunch module, you always have a complete overview of the office's lunch orders and expenses - down to each employee. Each month, you receive an invoice and can easily download and see how many meals each employee has received which makes budgeting a breeze and helps you control costs.