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Friday bar, Christmas lunch, summer party or Friday bar again? Company events are fantastic for team spirit and the atmosphere in the workplace, but they are also incredibly time-consuming for the person in charge of planning. Let them take our time instead of yours. At Officeguru, you'll find the best vendors for event planning for your next party.

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High-quality event planning

There is nothing that can bring employees together and create good internal relationships like a great company event. But it requires resources in terms of time, planning, and creativity to make it really good. And unfortunately, you can quickly become unpopular if you've organized a bad party. But don't worry, we're here to help. With Officeguru, it's easy to be the office party planner. Just tell us about your wishes and needs, and we'll find the best vendor for you.

If you're short on time, you can request a quote for event planning from Officeguru. We just need to know a little about your wishes, and you'll receive quotes from our vendors, and before you know it, your next party is planned ‚Äď without you having to lift a finger.

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Frequently asked questions

How does event planning work?

With event planning at Officeguru, you can confidently leave everything to our vendors. Whether it's a company party, summer party, Friday bar, team building, Christmas lunch, reception or event for your customers, the vendor ensures that you have a magical day or evening. With event planning, you can get help with larger and smaller coordination tasks, from location, and hiring staff, service, and catering, to styling, decoration, and catering ‚Äď and you can also get input on great themes, performances, and activities.

How do you plan a good event?

There are no two events that are the same. At least, that's how it should be, if you ask us. There's nothing that can bring employees together like a good party. And it's not necessarily the size or scope of the party that determines whether it's good. It's usually the planning and overall impression that matter if it's to be a party everyone talks about long after it's over. It takes a lot of creativity and good ideas to plan a really good party, and our vendors can help you with that.

What makes a good event?

If an event or party is to be good, you should ideally have thought of everything. From location and theme to decorations, food, drinks, and entertainment. The list is long when planning a good party. But an event usually becomes really good when everything is planned down to the smallest detail ‚Äď it allows for all the fun and spontaneous moments along the way because nobody lacks anything and only has to focus on having fun.

What types of events can Officeguru plan?

Officeguru's vendors can plan all kinds of events - big and small. Whether it's a company party, summer party, anniversary party, Christmas lunch, team building, Friday bar, reception, or customer event, they can step in and help with event planning.

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Reviews of event planning

Vi brugte Madværket til at få hjælp til at afholde vores julefrokost og de levede helt bestemt op til alle forventninger - og mere til. Det var en super vellykket aften og alt kontakt op til vores event var nemt og hurtigt.

Delivered by Madværk

Super service, alt var tip top - bruger dem gerne igen

Delivered by Kokkefr√łen

Alt gik fint, dejlige p√łlser mm. Men desv√¶rre for mange - vi havde mandefald.
Super betjening, hun er s√• s√łd.

Delivered by Madværk

Why Officeguru is right for you

High quality and fair prices

You can easily get offers and compare prices. All vendors strive towards a 5-star rating, ensuring the best quality for you.

Save time on administration

All communication is collected in a shared inbox, where you and your colleagues can coordinate and keep an overview of all agreements.

High customer satisfaction

All our vendors share one set of terms and no matter if you have one or multiple services, you get one collected invoice from Officeguru.