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External moving service

When your business faces an external relocation, time and efficiency are crucial. Therefore, it pays to choose a moving company with a good reputation, and with us, you are guaranteed to receive offers from quality-approved moving companies that can provide excellent service.

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Let others handle the heavy lifting

If your business needs to move to new premises, the move should ideally be efficient, error-free, and quick. The longer a move takes, the longer it will be before you can return to work. Time is money, so there is no reason to prolong the move. Additionally, it is essential to have a moving company you can trust, one that will take care of your inventory, ensure skilled handling, and relocate everything so that it can be set up again quickly.

Our moving companies have many years of experience and, in addition to the move itself, can also provide moving boxes, bubble wrap, labels, etc., all of which can help make an external move easy and efficient. If you want your move handled quickly and efficiently – while being guaranteed the best price and quality, request a quote from our quality-approved moving companies today.

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Frequently asked questions

What should you keep in mind when moving?

When a business faces an external move, there are many things to keep track of. Here's a short checklist:

  • Find a good moving company and agree with them whether they should only move or also help with packing and unpacking.

  • Plan the layout of your new premises and which furniture you want to keep. If it's time for new furniture, the moving company can also help with disposing of old furniture and inventory at scrapyards, donating to charity, or other options.

  • Make sure the premises are ready for occupancy, with renovations, painting, furnishing, and thorough cleaning or deep cleaning before moving in.

  • Update your business address in the CVR registry.

  • Report the move and enter into new agreements with utilities (electricity, water, heating), internet, telephone, insurance, alarm, and security arrangements.

  • Update your business address online on your website and email signatures, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Trustpilot, etc., and on various printed materials.

  • Remember to inform your customers, partners, and suppliers of the address change so that coffee and lunch are delivered to your new premises – if you use Officeguru, it's easy to notify all your suppliers, just do it in your chat. Also, remember to put up new signs on the door phone, mailbox, and doors so they know where to ring.

Can a moving company help with packing and unpacking?

Yes, our moving companies have many years of experience and can handle the move as well as help with packing everything up and unpacking it again. They can also provide moving boxes, bubble wrap, labels, etc., all of which can help make an external move easy and efficient. If you have a lot of inventory that needs to be disassembled and reassembled, it may also be a good idea to find a handyman to help in the days leading up to and following the move. This way, you can be sure that all tables and chairs are correctly assembled – and that lamps, pictures, and screens, etc., are hung up quickly.

Where should a business report a move?

There are several parties to notify when a business changes its address. The most important thing is to change it in the CVR registry (, but many do not automatically receive the update. If you want to make sure you remember to report the move to everyone, you can use the checklist above.

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Reviews of external moving service

Fantastic service from start to finish. Mads is so kind, and accommodating, and handles the job with a smile. They are so quick and efficient, and everything is packed neatly and securely. We borrowed moving boxes which they picked up afterwards - and they are overall very flexible. We will definitely use them again, and they get my warmest recommendations.

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