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TV mounting

It's not just the spirit level that's important when hanging things up in the office. When it comes to setting up TVs or screens, our handyman comes to the rescue. We guarantee that the work will be done to perfection and with a smile.

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Our handyman is your best friend

It can be difficult to mount a screen perfectly, and it's not enough to rely on instinct when the large screen needs to be mounted. Fortunately, we have good experience with such tasks, and our vendors ensure that your TV hangs both straight and securely. It requires someone who knows the type of wall involved and the necessary tools. When even small tasks quickly take up too much time and energy, why not let a professional handyman make sure everything just works?

We have a handyman ready when you need it, quickly preparing to handle the big presentations. If you're tired of looking at a small computer screen, let us mount the big screen so everyone in the office can follow along.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to use an electrician for TV setup?

It may be necessary to use an electrician for your TV or screen setup, but only if there is a need to install or adjust electrical connections, such as sockets or wiring. An electrician can ensure that all electrical connections are correctly installed and comply with applicable safety standards. Typically, an electrician would only be necessary if a completely new socket needs to be established; otherwise, a handyman can handle the task.

How do I find the right wall mount for my TV?

To find the right wall mount for your TV, you need to know the screen's size and weight, as well as the supported mounting standards. It's also essential to assess the installation, including the wall's condition and mounting height, before choosing the right wall mount. Our vendors can help find the right wall mount and ensure proper hanging and setup.

How is the TV mounted on the wall?

When your TV or screen needs to be mounted on the wall, it is essential to do it correctly and with the appropriate wall mount, mounting brackets, screws, and plugs. It's also a good idea to adjust the TV according to the light in the room, and you can advantageously position the TV to reduce lighting and reflections or use curtains or blinds to block light sources. Our vendors can provide expert guidance when it comes to setup and mounting.

How can I hide the cables after setting up the TV?

After installation, the cables can be hidden using cable covers, cable concealers, or cable channels. These can be attached to the wall and cover the cables for a more professional and neat installation. It is also essential to ensure that the cables are adequately protected and not exposed to the risk of damage.

How can a handyman help with hanging a TV?

A handyman can help with hanging a TV by ensuring that the wall mount is installed correctly and securely and that the TV is mounted in the right position and height. Our vendors can also help hide the cables and make adjustments as needed to achieve the best possible viewing experience. A handyman can also assess if there is a need for additional reinforcement or adjustments to ensure a safe installation.

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A couple of efficient handymen who live up to the task. It's quickly resolved and turns out beautifully. At the same time, they clean up after themselves and take out the cardboard. I highly recommend them.

Delivered by Vigerslev Ejendomsservice København

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