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A good party should ideally be entertaining, but it doesn't always happen on its own. Sometimes, a little extra something is needed to get people together or loosen up their laughter muscles. At Officeguru, you can find the right vendor who can help you with entertainment for your next party.

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Only your imagination sets the limits

If you need something extra to ensure that your next Friday bar, company party, or Christmas lunch is a bit better and more enjoyable than last time, then entertainment might be the icing on the cake so you can get the atmosphere just right with a good party feature. For example, you can immortalize the party with a photo booth or an active feature like a cocktail course, a magician, or maybe a comedian who comes and gets the laughter going?

Regardless of the theme and occasion, our vendors can guide and inspire you on what would be good entertainment for your party and take care of all the practical aspects so that you can concentrate on having fun. Describe your needs and wishes briefly, and you will receive offers for entertainment from our quality-approved vendors.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of entertainment is appropriate for a company party?

It depends on your company, your culture, employees, and the purpose of the party. Some popular options include a DJ or live music, a fun feature, karaoke, quizzes, games, interactive experiences such as a photo booth, or different team-building activities.

What kind of entertainment can I book on Officeguru?

Our vendors can provide many different types of entertainment for your next company party. From team-building activities to fun games like bumper balls, mega foosball, soccer darts, shock bands, drunken goggles, pentathlon, or quizzes, murder mysteries, and escape games, guided tours on water and on land, cooking classes, courses, and much more. Only your imagination sets the limits, so just describe your needs, and our vendors will send back lots of inspiration and offers.

Is it necessary to have entertainment for a company party?

It depends on the purpose of the party and your culture. Some companies prioritize activities and see it as a way to increase collaboration and communication among employees. Other companies prefer to have a more relaxed party without entertainment and activities. It is important to consider what will work best for your workplace. But it is worth remembering that a company party is a great opportunity to bring employees together across departments, and here, entertainment and team-building activities can help break the ice and get people to work together in a fun and entertaining way.

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