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Keyboard cleaning

Do you have control over where it is dirtiest in your office? Dust and dirt thrive quite well on your desk, and your keyboard actually has more bacteria than the toilet. With a thorough keyboard cleaning, you are guaranteed to remove bacteria and dirt from all keys.

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Professional keyboard cleaning

Dust, finger grease, crumbs, and other dirt thrive quite well on your desk. In fact, the keyboard is what we touch the most at the office and where most bacteria gather. These bacteria spread quickly around the office, and back to your desk every time you touch something. To keep the hygiene level high, a thorough and professional keyboard cleaning is a necessity to remove bacteria from the surface.

With a thorough keyboard cleaning, you can type in peace without worrying about viruses and bacteria on the keys. Our vendors have the right equipment to handle surfaces and gaps, so the keyboard is thoroughly cleaned.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is keyboard cleaning important?

Keyboard cleaning is important as it improves hygiene and the working environment for your employees. The keyboard is the place we touch the most in the office, and therefore also where the most bacteria accumulate. With regular and thorough cleaning of the keyboard, you can reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, and extend the lifespan of keyboards and computer equipment.

How often should keyboards be cleaned?

The frequency of keyboard cleaning depends on the size of the company, the number of employees, and the working environment. Generally, it is recommended to clean keyboards professionally at least once a year, but companies with a higher risk of infection spread or with a larger number of employees should consider more frequent cleanings.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional service for keyboard cleaning?

A professional service for keyboard cleaning ensures that the work is done correctly and effectively, with minimal risk of damage to the equipment. Professional cleaning companies have access to specialized tools and cleaning agents that are designed to remove dirt and bacteria without damaging the keyboards.

How does professional keyboard cleaning work?

A professional keyboard cleaning typically involves several steps, including removing dust and dirt from surfaces and between keys, disinfecting keyboards to kill bacteria and viruses, and thorough drying to avoid moisture damage.

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