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Cleaning supplies

Some things just need to be in order, every day and every time you step into the office. With a fixed agreement from one of our suppliers, you can be sure that there is always a full supply and plenty of cleaning supplies, soap, and paper on the shelves.

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Remove the purchase of cleaning supplies from your to-do list

You can easily spend too much time buying small items for the office, and it's also easy to forget to buy the things that no one wants to run out of. With an agreement through Officeguru, our vendors make sure that you never run out of paper towels, toilet paper, kitchen roll, hand soap, hand cream, dishwashing detergent, rinse aid, and everything in between. They handle both ordering and delivery, so you never have to worry about that kind of thing.

In addition to avoiding the hassle, there is also an economic advantage in removing the purchase of cleaning supplies from your to-do list. Our vendors ensure that you get a favorable price - and time to focus on more enjoyable things. So leave the task to Officeguru and spend your valuable time on something else.

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Frequently asked questions

What cleaning supplies can be delivered?

With a fixed agreement through Officeguru, our cleaning companies can deliver all the cleaning supplies you need for your business. These may include various cleaning agents, dishwashing detergent, dishwasher tabs, rinse aid, salt, hand soap, hand cream, toilet paper, kitchen roll, paper towels, etc. They have the expertise to know what you need. Send a request today, and they will compile a list for you.

How does the cleaning company keep track of cleaning supplies?

The cleaning company checks your inventory every time they are with you and makes sure to order and replenish so you never run out of cleaning supplies.

Are the cleaning supplies eco-labeled?

The types of cleaning supplies that cleaning companies can deliver vary, but in most cases, they can provide eco-labeled cleaning supplies and paper products. If you have any requests regarding this, simply write to the cleaning company, and they will ensure that they find the right cleaning supplies for your needs.

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With Officeguru, you are guaranteed excellent service, high quality, and competitive prices. Our vetted vendors and user-friendly terms make switching between them effortless. We offer coverage for damages (compensation is subject to insurance limits), and our Customer Success team is always available to provide support.

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You are thorough, and all extra inquiries are handled super quickly and positively, and you can always sense a smile and friendliness behind all emails and messages. I am very satisfied and happy :-)

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You can easily get offers and compare prices. All vendors strive towards a 5-star rating, ensuring the best quality for you.

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All communication is collected in a shared inbox, where you and your colleagues can coordinate and keep an overview of all agreements.

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All our vendors share one set of terms and no matter if you have one or multiple services, you get one collected invoice from Officeguru.