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With a massage scheme, you can have a masseuse visit your workplace, which means that employees don't have to leave the workplace to get rid of the worst knots in their neck. At Officeguru, you can get quotes from a quality-approved masseuse who can come to your workplace as often as you want.

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Massage when it suits you

Employees are any company's most important resource, and it is therefore important that they thrive. Regardless of whether one has an active or sedentary job, there is a risk of tension in the back and neck, which results in muscle tension that can cause discomfort in the performance of daily work. Fortunately, a good masseuse can relieve muscle tension by coming to your office, and you can find one at Officeguru.

The masseuse brings a massage table and equipment, and employees can sign up when it fits into their schedule. We guarantee that it is one of the employee benefits that will definitely create big smiles.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a massage scheme?

A massage scheme for companies is a scheme where companies can offer their employees regular massage treatments at the workplace. This means that the masseuse comes to the workplace with a massage table so that employees can use their lunch break or similar to get a nice relaxing massage.

Who should pay for company massage?

It is up to you whether a massage scheme should be company-paid or a partially or fully employee-paid scheme. This typically depends on whether you want to offer massage as an employee benefit or simply want to make the opportunity available to employees.

Is massage an employee benefit?

As part of your company's various employee benefits, you can offer your employees a massage scheme at the workplace and give them a well-deserved turn on the table. You can read more about massage as an employee benefit here

Why is massage a good idea?

A massage scheme can have many benefits for both employees and the company. It can reduce stress and increase productivity and well-being in the workplace, which can result in fewer sick days and increased job satisfaction and loyalty among employees. It can also be an attractive benefit for potential employees when recruiting new talent.

How does a massage scheme for companies work?

A massage scheme for companies can vary depending on the supplier. Typically, a masseuse service will come to the workplace with a massage chair or table and give employees a short massage treatment at a specific time, which can be a fixed day of the week or every other week. When you send an inquiry to our suppliers, simply describe your needs, and they will put together an offer that fits your needs.

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