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If it's time for painting, caulking, or plastering in your office, we can help find a professional painter. At Officeguru, it's quick, easy, and safe to find a quality-approved vendor who can handle top-class painting work.

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Painter for all kinds of tasks

All walls will eventually start to look a little worn out. It's unavoidable in a workplace with many people. No matter what painting tasks are involved, we find the right painter who matches your needs. Our vendors caulk, plaster and paint everything from walls and ceilings to panels and objects, guaranteeing a professional job with a beautiful finish.

Quality and service are some of the most important parameters when you choose a painter, so you avoid sloppy painting work. It just doesn't look very sleek if the holes in the walls are not plastered correctly, or if there are holidays and runners. Whether you prefer shiny white, beautiful colors, high gloss, or matte, our painters can help with expert guidance. If you need a color boost on the walls, they can mix and match the right colors or find wallpaper according to current trends, and they can also help with chalkboard and magnetic paint, so you get a whiteboard directly on the wall.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of painting work can a painter do?

If painting work is to be done in a company, it typically occurs during renovation, move-out, or refurbishment. A painter can carry out virtually all types of painting work - whether it's about renovation or expert guidance on color choices and wallpaper. Our vendors can perform the following painting work:

  • Setting up felt and fiberglass fabric

  • Plastering

  • Painting of walls, ceilings, panels, doors, windows, etc.

  • Wallpapering

  • Repairs

  • Facade renovation

  • Outdoor work; woodwork, windows, doors, etc.

What should be prepared before a painter comes?

Our vendors take care of everything if you wish, and ensure thorough covering and cleaning up. When you send your request, just describe the task and your needs.

What does a painter cost?

There are several factors that influence the price of painting work. When you send a request at Officeguru, you get a quote for the total price from the painter. Depending on the size of the task, the price can be either time-based or a complete solution for larger tasks. In addition, you can also agree with the painter if there is something you take care of yourself – for example, you can save time if you clear the area or the wall of furniture and pictures, so the painter can easily start the work.

What should you know about paint, environment, and indoor climate?

When you are going to have a painter visit the office, it should preferably not have a major impact on your work. Although paint contains various chemicals that emit vapors, our vendors ensure to find products that do not affect the indoor climate at your workplace. If you are in doubt, or would like to know which products the painter uses, just ask when you send your request. There are plenty of environmentally friendly paints, which are marked with environmental labels like the Swan mark and the EU flower, and are therefore both gentle on the indoor climate and the environment.

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Top professionally executed work of the highest quality and at a completely fair price. We are extremely satisfied with the work done and the dialogue throughout the task. Thank you for the help, would give 5 stars any time.

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