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Cleaning staff vacuums the floor and wipes surfaces in the office

Deep cleaning

The workday is just better, when the office is nice and clean - and a couple of times per year it needs a more thorough run-through. Deep cleaning means cleaning the corners the daily cleaning doesn’t have time for. We recommend deep cleaning 1-2 times per year.

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When even the insides of the cabinets need to sparkle

Even if you have an agreement in place for regular cleaning, a deep cleaning can help with a complete overhaul of the office, so even the inside of the cabinets sparkle. We can help you find the right vendor that can do thorough vacuuming, dusting of surfaces, mopping the floors, properly cleaning the bathrooms, meeting rooms and kitchens and wiping of blinds, lamps etc. 

You can also get a deep cleaning when moving in or out, when you need to be sure all the nooks and crannies are cleaned and you can focus on moving in or out. Regardless of what your need is, we have vendors that can help you, when only 100% clean is good enough.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a deep cleaning include?

A deep cleaning is an extra thorough cleaning of your office or company. The cleaning is adapted to your needs to ensure all corners and levels are clean. Even if your regular cleaning vendor is doing a good job on the daily cleaning, a couple of times per year a more in-depth cleaning is needed. During a deep cleaning you can get help with cleaning all cabinets, shelves and spaces that collect dust and spider webs. Deep cleaning, final cleaning or moving cleaning? The only thing you need to know is when you order cleaning through Officeguru, your space will be sparkling. 

In which cities does Officeguru offer deep cleaning?

Officeguru offers commercial cleaning of offices and companies in the following cities and regions: 

  • Østerbro 

  • Vanløse 

  • Valby 

  • Søborg 

  • Rødovre

  • NordsjĂŚlland

  • Lyngby

  • Kastrup

  • Ishøj

  • Hvidovre

  • Herlev

  • Glostrup

  • Gentofte

  • Frederiksberg

  • Brøndby

  • København

  • Amager

You can see which zip codes each cleaning company operates in on their profile. 

How much does deep cleaning cost?

There are a number of factors taken into consideration, but a cleaning consultant just needs a short walkthrough of the office to give you a price.  Officeguru is always here to advise. We know the cleaning companies well and can guide you in finding the best solution.

Do you offer deep cleaning for small offices?

Officeguru cooperates with cleaning companies that can clean companies of all shapes and sizes, so also cleaning companies that specialise in deep cleaning for smaller offices. 

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Reviews of deep cleaning

Nice to come in today after a big meeting yesterday – everything is washed and set aside, and chairs are put in place in the correct rooms.

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Fantastic and thorough cleaning! Krone Service knows what they are doing and completes the task to perfection every time. There is always a good dialogue, they respond and carry out the task quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality. In addition, Krone Service is always good at conducting a follow-up interview to ensure total customer satisfaction. We definitely recommend them.

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