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Collection of bulky waste

If you need environmentally friendly and sustainable collection and disposal of your bulky waste, let us help you. We have gathered the best vendors who can collect and sort your bulky waste to deliver it to the right place at the recycling center.

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Environmentally conscious collection of bulky waste

Bulky waste, as the name suggests, is the type of waste that is too large to fit in waste containers and trash cans and therefore requires some help to remove correctly. Bulky waste can be anything from fixtures to furniture and electronics, which are either too large for a regular trash can or require environmentally conscious and professional sorting and disposal. Even if you have room in your car, you can find something better to spend your time on than driving back and forth between the office and the recycling center. So let us take care of it, saving you the hassle.

Officeguru is designed to make your everyday life easier. You should be able to do your job without dealing with distracting tasks that steal your precious time. Our vendors collect and dispose of all bulky waste so that you can use your time for something else.

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Frequently asked questions

What is bulky waste?

Bulky waste is too large or heavy to be collected with regular waste collection. It can be furniture, electronics, appliances, construction materials, etc.

What types of bulky waste cannot be collected?

Our vendors can collect all types of bulky waste. However, you should inform them beforehand if it involves hazardous waste such as chemicals and batteries, asbestos-containing materials, and certain construction materials.

Can bulky waste be donated to charity?

Yes, some bulky waste items can be donated to charity or thrift stores if they are still in good condition. You can contact local charities or thrift stores to find out if they accept bulky waste donations, and then our vendors can arrange transportation. Many recycling centers also have exchange stations where you can place bulky waste for others to pick up.

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Fast and easy pick-up of various trash :-)

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