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Coffee machine installation

There's nothing quite like a good cup of coffee, and it requires the right equipment. Let Officeguru find the solution that can quench your coffee thirst. Whether you want to make sure your coffee machine is set up correctly or you wish to lease a machine, we have vendors who can help with coffee machine installation.

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Choose the right coffee solution for your office

If the coffee is to be really good, it's not enough to just plug in and hope that the coffee machine works. It often takes some expertise to install the machine correctly, so the coffee beans are ground properly and taste perfect. In addition, you can also have the machine set up according to your needs, if you have specific preferences for how the best latte or cappuccino should taste.

We want to help you, regardless of how you prefer your coffee at the office. After all, the most important thing is that the coffee always tastes good. With Officeguru, it's easy to create a request, and our quality-approved vendors will get back to you with offers on coffee machine installation.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a coffee machine installation involve?

Your coffee machine makes a lot of cups of coffee every single day. No matter which coffee machine you have in the office, it needs maintenance, regular service, and occasional repairs. With a coffee machine installation, a professional vendor with expertise in installing and setting up your specific coffee machine will ensure it operates correctly. You can also purchase or rent a coffee machine through our vendors and set up a regular service agreement, taking care of installation, setup, and maintenance.

Can you lease a coffee machine for the office?

With our vendors, you can both buy and rent coffee machines for the office. They offer manual espresso machines and fully automatic coffee machines, allowing you to make all kinds of coffee with a single press. If you lease or rent a coffee machine for the office, you can also simultaneously establish a fixed agreement for service and maintenance with the vendor.

Can you get service for the coffee machine?

Whether you have your own coffee machine, rent or lease one, maintenance is essential to ensure the machine functions and lasts as long as possible. You can easily set up a subscription plan, where our vendors come by at regular intervals to service, clean, and descale the machine, ensuring all settings are correct.

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