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Facility management

Your property says a lot about you. We ensure it only communicates positive things! Let our quality-approved vendors manage the facility management and complete maintenance and cleaning of your property. They take care of everything from stair cleaning and trash can emptying to painting and gardening, ensuring every detail is impeccably managed.

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Facility management your neighbor will envy

A good first impression always counts, and it starts as soon as your employees and guests step through the main door. Our vendors ensure your entire property and surroundings are always neat, providing a positive impression with high-quality facility management.

With facility management, our vendors handle cleaning and maintenance of common areas such as entrances, stairs, and elevators. They also undertake tasks like waste management, snow removal, and lawn mowing, repair of minor damages, and maintenance of the building's technical installations. They service the property from basement to attic, ensuring your surroundings are always neat and clean.

Facility management vendors

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Frequently asked questions

What is facility management for businesses?

Facility management for businesses refers to services ensuring the maintenance and operation of properties. Much like a cleaning company ensures everything is clean indoors, facility management ensures everything in the property functions. Facility management can thus include cleaning of stairways and common areas, maintenance of green spaces, sweeping of sidewalks and paths, security services, building technical services, and more.

Why is facility management important for businesses?

Facility management is essential for businesses as it helps maintain a clean, safe, and efficient workplace. By outsourcing these services to professional service providers, businesses can focus on their core operations and avoid worries about property maintenance and cleaning.

What types of tasks are solved with facility management?

With facility management, you get a wide range of tasks regarding the maintenance of your property, including:

  • Cleaning of stairways and common areas, as well as stair cleaning

  • Maintenance of green areas, including lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and pruning

  • Sweeping of sidewalks and paths

  • Snow removal

  • Building technical services, including maintenance of water, heat, and electrical systems

  • Renovation and maintenance of the property

Is it possible to get facility management on an hourly basis?

Yes, with Officeguru, facility management does not equate to a full-time employee. You simply describe your needs when you send a request, and you will then receive offers from our vendors, who will give their estimate of the number of hours and price for the facility management. Depending on the size of the property and the number of tasks, the amount of work and hours required to service your property will vary widely. However, you will be assigned one person, who will be the same person that comes and therefore knows you and your property inside and out.

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