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Floor stripping

Over time, all wooden floors will start to look worn, and if nothing else works, floor stripping is the only solution. However, it requires an expert. We have gathered the best vendors who can tailor a solution that will make your office floors shine again.

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Professional floor stripping

Many kilometers are walked on your floors every day, and it shows over time. Especially wooden floors will eventually suffer from wear and tear and damage if they do not receive skilled and professional treatment. Regardless of how your wooden floors have been damaged, one of the solutions will be floor stripping.

With floor stripping, a few millimeters of the floor's surface are shaved off, and the floor is subsequently treated with oil, lye, lacquer, or paint. It is not a minor intervention, and it is therefore important to hire a professional, as the right treatment can give new life to your wooden floors, making them last longer and in better condition. At Officeguru, you will find quality-approved, local vendors who will be happy to strip your floors and provide expert aftercare.

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Frequently asked questions

What is floor stripping?

Floor stripping is a process in which a thin layer of the wood floor is sanded and removed to create a smooth surface.

When should one consider floor stripping?

Floor stripping may be necessary if your wooden floor has become worn and uneven over time. It may also be necessary if there are deep scratches or stains on the floor that cannot be removed by regular cleaning. Floor stripping can also greatly improve the appearance, as it removes irregularities and creates a smooth surface. However, a floor cannot withstand an unlimited number of floor strippings; our vendors can quickly determine the best treatment for your floor and the aftercare that will make your floor look like new.

How is floor stripping performed?

Floor stripping is typically carried out using a floor stripper or router that grinds the top layer of the floor. The process usually requires a professional floor specialist who has the necessary expertise and equipment. It is a dusty job, and therefore all furniture and fixtures must be removed from the room beforehand.

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