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Temp staffing

It is always time-consuming to recruit, so let us do it for you. Whether you need a receptionist, lunch assistant, or something else entirely, simply describe your needs and wishes, and we will find the right person for you.

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New staff. Easy.

Is your office assistant or cleaning assistant on vacation? Or do you just need a few extra hands in a busy period? Let our vendors find a replacement for you, so you don't have to worry about it.

With our temp service, we take care of the recruitment and the time-consuming work of finding the temp you need. You don't have to worry about contracts or hiring, all payments are handled through us, and the temp can be with you as much as you need. Our temp service covers both practical functions in the office, such as an office assistant, cleaning assistant, and lunch personnel, as well as administrative functions, such as a receptionist typically performs. Therefore, if you need extra help for a shorter or longer period, you can easily get a quote here, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Frequently asked questions

How does a temp service work?

Temp service is a service that offers temporary staff or a replacement for your company. This service can include staff with functions such as an office assistant, lunch personnel, cleaning assistant, receptionist, and more. Simply describe your needs when you send an inquiry, and our vendors will send the right temp. Our vendors arrange all necessary agreements and handle any legal and administrative aspects of hiring the temp.

When should you use a temp service?

Companies can use temp service to cover short-term labor needs, such as illness, maternity leave, vacation, or sudden workloads. It can also be a way to find qualified staff to temporarily fill vacant positions before a permanent hire is made.

What are the benefits of using temp service?

The benefits of using temp service include quick access to qualified labor, flexibility, time savings, and cost reduction. You don't have to spend time on recruitment, job postings, job interviews, etc., and you get expert help finding the right temp.

Can a temp be hired permanently by the company?

Yes, it is possible for a temp to be hired permanently by the company if both the temp and the company want it. This may depend on the temp's performance and the availability of a permanent position in the company. Temp service can help facilitate the transition from temporary to permanent employment.

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Reviews of temp staffing

I highly recommend Officeguru and Temply, their reliability and quick communication are impressive. I would especially like to highlight our service assistant, Shannon. She is extremely adept at learning new tasks quickly and is always full of energy with a smile on her face. Her dedication and positive attitude truly make a difference for our team. I can't praise her enough.

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We are incredibly satisfied with this task, and within a very short time, we got a temp on the same day. It is really appreciated that this is possible with such short notice and that the collaboration around the task is so easy and straightforward :-)

Delivered by REXKYOO ApS

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