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Office interior design

An inspiring and inviting office has a crucial effect on employees' well-being, productivity, and creativity. However, it quickly becomes a time-consuming task to get the office designed perfectly. Let our quality-approved vendors help with your office design so you can get the office you dream of.

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Designing is much more than just design

Are you moving to new premises and in need of new furniture like modern desks, office chairs and optimal lighting solutions? Or is it time to upgrade to a stylish phonebooth and comfortable lounge furniture? Our vendors are experts in office design and ergonomics.

If you have an open office, it is also important to find a solution that is beneficial for both acoustics and concentration. Here, you can get help with solutions such as room dividers, acoustic panels and other options that can help with noise reduction and consequently boost productivity. It may also be that your lounge area needs some love. After all, it is a place that many guests visit, and where employees can retreat to recharge. For it is to function optimally, it requires more than just buying a new sofa and some plants. Our vendors can create a solution that's both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, as well as assist with inspiration, procurement, and setting up your office.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a well-designed workplace?

A well-designed workplace can increase employee well-being, productivity, and engagement, reduce work-related injuries and stress, promote creativity and collaboration, and improve a company's reputation and recruitment opportunities. In addition, good office design can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and the company's bottom line.

How can I optimize office design?

To optimize office design, consider ergonomics, space utilization, work style, technology, lighting, colors, and decorations. It is important to create a balance between work and relaxation areas and to consider employees' needs and preferences. Our vendors can help you with design, consultation, procurement, and layout, but before that, it is also a good idea to involve employees' input and wishes.

How can I create a flexible and adaptable office design?

To create a flexible and adaptable office design, you can use modular furniture and workstations that can be easily changed and moved as needed. Consider creating multifunctional spaces that can be used for different purposes and implementing technology that supports remote work and collaboration.

How can I create a quiet work area?

To create a quiet work area, consider sound insulation, place noise-reducing materials on walls and floors, and organize workstations so that there is sufficient distance between them. Additionally, it is also a good idea to create a social and relaxing area in the office that promotes relaxation and social interaction. An inviting lounge area with comfortable seating, plants, and decorations will definitely be attractive to employees.

How does lighting affect office design?

Lighting has a great influence on productivity, well-being, and the overall atmosphere in the office. To create a comfortable working environment, choose natural light when possible and supplement with artificial light that does not create glare or shadows. It is also important to remember that colors can affect mood and productivity, so perhaps consider something other than white walls. White is hard on the eyes if your office has a lot of natural light, so you might consider choosing colors that provide more warmth.

How can I create an environmentally friendly office?

To create an environmentally friendly office, you can choose sustainable materials, energy-efficient equipment, natural light, recycled furniture, and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Implement waste sorting and recycling systems and encourage employees to reduce paper and energy consumption. Also, consider introducing plants and green areas to improve air quality and create a healthier workplace.

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