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Scrubbing and buffing floors

Even though the office floor is often cleaned, over time it may start to look a little dull. If your floors need some tender care, you should try scrubbing and oiling. Our suppliers are experts in all kinds of floors and will ensure that your floors get a whole new life.

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Revive worn-out floors

Many steps are taken on your floors, and when dirt is dragged in every day, the floors will start to look worn out. This is inevitable, but it can be fixed with scrubbing and oiling the floor. Scrubbing simply means that the floor is cleaned and scrubbed thoroughly, so old dirt is removed with the right soap. Then, the floors can be given new life with either a soap treatment or oiling.

Our suppliers are experts in all kinds of floors and can handle wood floors, vinyl floors, and linoleum floors. And it's not a major intervention but can often be done within a few days – and outside working hours, so it doesn't disturb. The treatment is tailored to the floor, and you can choose the after-treatment you prefer, giving the floors a beautiful and durable surface.

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Frequently asked questions

What is scrubbing and buffing of floors?

Scrubbing and oiling of floors is a process in which you remove the old surface and subsequently apply a new treatment with oil. The process can give the floor new life and improve its appearance.

When should you consider scrubbing and buffing your floor?

If your floor has lost its shine, or if it has some severe damage or scratches, scrubbing and oiling might be a good idea. It can also be a good idea to perform scrubbing and oiling if you want to change the floor's color or finish.

What is the difference between oiling and lacquering a floor?

When you oil a floor, the oil penetrates the wood and provides a more natural finish, highlighting the wood's grain and color. When you lacquer a floor, you apply a protective layer to the wood, creating a more durable surface.

How long does it take to scrub and buff a floor?

The time it takes to scrub and oil a floor depends on the size of the floor and how many layers of oil need to be applied. It can take anywhere from a few days to a week or more.

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