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Christmas gifts

A Christmas gift is more than just a gift. It shows that the employee is valued ‚Äď if the gift is good, of course. If you need inspiration for finding great Christmas gifts, we can help you. Request quotes through Officeguru's platform and spoil your employees with Christmas gifts they will appreciate.

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Let us handle the gift rush

The last month of the year is always busy, and often quite short. Therefore, there is not always time ‚Äď or the energy to find great Christmas gifts for the employees. Let us remove a big item from your to-do list and handle the company Christmas gifts for you. Just tell us a bit about your needs, budget, and the number of employees, and we will find the best vendors for you.

There is nothing better than giving a gift that makes someone happy. But as mentioned, they should preferably be happy. Let our vendors take care of finding Christmas gifts for your employees that are guaranteed not to be exchanged. Whether you prefer a solution where employees choose their own gift, want to give a gift basket, or something else entirely, our vendors can help find and deliver the perfect Christmas gifts.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do companies give Christmas gifts?

Companies give Christmas gifts to show their gratitude and appreciation for their employees' efforts and cooperation throughout the year. It's not necessarily about giving big gifts but showing that you value the employee. It's a great way to create goodwill and increase employee motivation and satisfaction.

When do companies give Christmas gifts?

Most companies give Christmas gifts in December, usually before Christmas or in connection with a Christmas lunch or event.

What can be given as a company Christmas gift?

There are many different options for what can be given as a company Christmas gift, depending on the company's budget and preferences. Some popular choices include personalized gifts such as name-printed mugs or keychains, gift baskets with gourmet food and wine, electronics such as speakers or Bluetooth headphones, or wellness gifts such as massage treatments or spa getaways. Our vendors have many options and can help with Christmas gifts according to your wishes and needs.

How do I choose the right company Christmas gift?

It's a good idea to consider the company's culture and values as well as the employees' interests and needs. You can also consider gender, age, and any cultural differences among employees. It may also be helpful to explore different options and prices so you can find the right gift for your budget.

How can I personalize a company Christmas gift?

You can personalize a company Christmas gift by adding the company's logo or the employee's name to the gift. Additionally, you can consider adding a personal greeting or a statement of gratitude.

What are the tax rules for company Christmas gifts?

There are a number of rules for tax and employee gifts, which are worth being aware of for both you as a manager and for your employees. Christmas gifts are included in the account of the annual amount of employee gifts, but if the Christmas gift costs 900 DKK or less, it does not count towards the 1,200 DKK which make up the total annual amount of company gifts. If the Christmas gift costs more than 900 DKK, the entire amount must be taxed. You can read more about the tax rules for employee gifts and Christmas gifts in our blog post here.

How can I ensure that my employees will appreciate their company Christmas gifts?

You can ensure that employees will appreciate their company Christmas gifts by considering their interests and needs and making sure the gift is of high quality and practically useful. It's also a good idea to take employees' feedback and wishes into account and include a personal greeting to show your gratitude and appreciation. If you find it difficult to choose company Christmas gifts, our vendors can help you find the perfect gift.

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