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Christmas trees and decorations

As the sweet Christmas season approaches, it does a lot for the atmosphere to add some extra touches to the workplace with beautiful Christmas decorations and greenery. Our vendors can provide both Christmas trees and decorations that create the perfect Christmas atmosphere with warmth and coziness in the workplace.

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Christmas atmosphere at the office

December is a short and busy month, and if you can see your to-do list growing, let us help you! The scent of spruce in the office not only helps create a festive atmosphere, but it can also reduce stress, which everyone can use during the busy holiday season. If you want to make sure the Christmas spirit is at its peak, our vendors can deliver Christmas trees and decorations, so you are ready for a cozy December at the office.

Not everyone has a flair for decorating for Christmas, and you may not have the space to store the decorations for the rest of the year. Our vendors ensure that you get beautifully decorated with Christmas trees or decorations, and you won't have to worry about arranging delivery and pickup of the Christmas tree yourself.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should companies consider having Christmas trees and decorations?

Christmas trees and decorations can contribute to a festive atmosphere in the workplace, which can boost employee morale during the dark time of the year. The scent of spruce in the office not only enhances the Christmas spirit but can also reduce stress, which everyone can benefit from during the busy holiday season.

Are the Christmas trees delivered with a stand?

You can choose to have Christmas trees delivered with a stand, a classic wooden Christmas tree stand, or without a stand. However, if the tree will be up for an extended period, it might be better to purchase a stand with a water reservoir to keep the tree green longer.

Can I also have the Christmas trees picked up?

Yes, our vendors will both deliver the Christmas trees and pick them up when the holiday season is over.

Are there any safety considerations I should think about when decorating my business for Christmas?

Yes, there are several safety considerations to take into account when decorating your business for Christmas. Ensure that Christmas trees and decorations do not block emergency exits, fire extinguishers, or other safety equipment. If you have Christmas decorations with candles, have a clear agreement on who will extinguish them at the end of the workday. Alternatively, you can have Christmas decorations delivered with electric LED lights, eliminating fire hazards.

How can I make my company's Christmas decorations eco-friendly?

To make your company's Christmas decorations more eco-friendly, consider reusing your own decorations from previous years when ordering a Christmas tree. Additionally, you can choose LED lights for Christmas decorations and the tree's light chain, as they are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional lights. Many LED lights also come with a timer, so they don't use electricity when the workday is over.

When is it appropriate to put up Christmas trees and decorations at the office?

There are no fixed rules for when it is appropriate to put up Christmas trees and decorations at the office; it ultimately depends on how much you want to embrace the Christmas spirit. Many companies choose to do so at the end of November or the beginning of December. However, December is a short month when you subtract the Christmas break, so if you want to enjoy the decorations, it's a good idea to start in November. Our vendors also experience high demand in December, so it's beneficial to order your Christmas trees and decorations well in advance.

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Vi har fået et helt perfekt juletræ leveret til den aftalte tid.

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