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Treating the surface of a wooden floor

Floor surface treatment

Many kilometers are walked on your office floors every day, and it shows over time. If your floors need new life, a floor surface treatment is the answer. Our vendors can tailor a solution for your floors, making them beautiful again.

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New life for worn floors

Whether it's wear, water, or stains causing your floors to look a bit sad, we have a vendor who can help give them a whole new life. Depending on the type of natural stone floors you have, they can ensure thorough cleaning, surface treatment, and impregnation of the floor.

Our vendors can perform treatments on all types of natural stone, both indoors and outdoors, and subsequently provide neutral or wet-look impregnation. The treatment can often be completed in a few days ‚Äď and outside working hours, so as not to disturb. Send an inquiry today, and you will receive offers from our vendors directly in your inbox.

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Frequently asked questions

What is floor surface treatment?

Floor surface treatment is a process in which the floor is treated to protect it from wear and damage and improve its appearance. Depending on the wear of the floor, it may include cleaning, grinding, and, of course, surface treatment with impregnation.

Why is surface treatment important for floors?

Surface treatment of floors is essential for extending the life of the floor and maintaining its appearance. It can also make the floor more resistant to damage and easier to clean and maintain. Replacing the floor is expensive, so it quickly pays off to give the floor a surface treatment to make it last longer.

What are the different types of surface treatments?

There are several different types of floor surface treatments, including lacquering, oil treatment, wax treatment, and polyurethane coatings. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages and will be more suitable for certain types of floors than others.

How do I know if my floor needs a surface treatment?

Signs that your floor needs surface treatment include worn areas, color differences, scratches, or a dull surface. If you are unsure which type of treatment your floor would benefit from, simply ask our vendors. They have many years of experience and can quickly assess the floor and find the best solution for you.

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