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A good office assistant can be worth their weight in gold, but you may not need one full-time. With Officeguru's office assistant service, you can get daily help with your office's daily tasks for exactly the number of hours you need.

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Is your office assistant on vacation?

If you need an extra lift in your day-to-day operations and require at least 3 hours of assistance per day, our vendors are ready with skilled and experienced office assistants. They can give you a helping hand for all practical tasks in the office and various ad hoc tasks as needed.

With an office assistant, you'll always have someone who can handle tasks such as setting up and cleaning up lunch, sorting mail, setting up for meetings, ordering supplies, taking inventory, cleaning the kitchen, and general tidying up. Our vendors have skilled office assistants ready to help you for a short or longer period of time. Simply choose from our vendors and request a quote.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an office assistant?

An office assistant takes care of the office's daily operations and typically has a wide range of practical tasks to be performed every day. They are often the ones who arrive first at the office, turn on the lights and the coffee machine, and check that everything is ready for the other employees to arrive.

What does an office assistant do?

An office assistant serves as the office's practical multitasker, and they have many fixed and ad hoc tasks to attend to throughout a workday. Some of the fixed tasks could include:

  • Cleaning the toilet, kitchen, and/or other surfaces

  • Preparing and cleaning up after the communal lunch

  • Ensuring there is coffee in the machine

  • Taking care of purchasing and stocking the fridge with coffee, water, etc.

  • Providing meeting refreshments

  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher

  • Watering the plants in the office

Is an office assistant permanently employed or paid by the hour?

An office assistant can be either permanently employed or paid by the hour. It depends on how many hours and for how long their help is needed. If you know that you need an office assistant full time, it may be advantageous for you to hire them directly. However, if it's for a few hours or a shorter period, an office assistant service might be the right choice for you. With our office assistant service, our vendors handle recruitment, and the person is employed by us but can be with you as much as you desire. It is therefore a flexible solution if you need help for a few or many hours a day.

Can you get an office assistant for a few hours per day?

Yes, with Officeguru's office assistant service, you can get an extra hand for various fixed and ad hoc tasks according to your needs. The minimum number of hours for an office assistant is, however, three hours, but that is also the time it takes, for example, if the person needs to help you set up lunch and clean up afterward.

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Reviews of office assistant service

We are extremely satisfied with the service, and there's a fantastic approachability and willingness to solve our needs and provide quick assistance. At the same time, we get some very skilled and service-minded office assistants, who come and help us.

Delivered by REXKYOO ApS

I highly recommend Officeguru and Temply, their reliability and quick communication are impressive. I would especially like to highlight our service assistant, Shannon. She is extremely adept at learning new tasks quickly and is always full of energy with a smile on her face. Her dedication and positive attitude truly make a difference for our team. I can't praise her enough.

Delivered by Temply ApS

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