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Mat cleaning

With mat service, you can be sure that the doormats at the office will be automatically replaced as often as needed. This way, you won't have to deal with dirty and worn-out mats, and instead, enjoy a workplace that always looks neat with freshly cleaned, high-quality mats.

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Is the first impression a dirty mat?

You might not think much about it, but we bring a lot of dirt into the office every day. The doormat takes the worst of it, but without cleaning, it cannot handle too much dirt in the long run. When we drag in sand, mud, leaves, salt, water, etc., it penetrates the mat, and sooner or later, it can't absorb any more.

It's not just the floor that suffers when the mat can't absorb anymore. It doesn't look nice either when the first thing your guests are greeted with is dirty and scruffy doormats. If that sounds familiar, mat service is the perfect solution for you. Once you have set up an agreement, the doormats will be replaced as often as needed, ensuring that your entrance always looks neat and clean.

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Frequently asked questions

What is mat cleaning service?

A mat service is a professional service where you receive cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of mats for businesses.

How does a mat cleaning service work?

With a mat service, you get a fixed plan for cleaning and replacing your doormats. Our vendors can both clean the mats you have at the workplace and offer the option to rent mats through the vendor. Once you have submitted your request, the vendor can visit your premises to assess your needs and listen to your preferences. Depending on your needs and the season, our vendors can come weekly, monthly, or quarterly to remove dirty or worn-out mats and replace them with clean or new mats.

Is it important to have a mat cleaning service?

A mat service helps maintain a clean and safe workplace. We bring a lot of dirt in from outside, and mats can absorb dirt, dust, and moisture, which helps reduce the number of accidents and wear on floors. However, depending on usage, the mat cannot continue to absorb dirt indefinitely, so it is important to replace doormats regularly.

How often are mats replaced with mat cleaning service?

Our vendors determine that, but they can come weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on your needs.

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You are thorough, all extra inquiries are handled super quickly, and positively, and we can always sense a smile and friendliness behind all emails and messages. I am very satisfied and happy :-)

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